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Wednesday 7 November 2012

In the Beginning There Was........

A leaflet that came through the door advertising the opening of Hobbycraft in Leeds - so l thought l would have a drive over and see what it was all about..... I bought a little kit to make Easter cards with the children
Here it is along with the internet print out dated 6/3/2005

and that must have been a very expensive day as ££££££££££'s later l needed a room to put my stash in
This is the new shelving unit and desk top l bought from Ikea recently, this houses my stamps, inks and bits...

These boxes have stamps in  - all are catalogued  in the leeds united folders so l know where to find them, the boxes under my desk are mostly stamps not yet used.
This tall bookcase is home for most of my papers, card and blanks

These big drawers from Ikea  have 'stuff' ' on top and 'stuff'' inside including flowers..................... 

 Oh yes l have even more flowers....These plastic drawers have flowers l mostly use and are colour labelled 
So this is where l hang out most evenings and when l get some free time. l even have a little space on my desk  for my G&T or glass of wine - l get room service too my hubby brings it up for me, that way he gets to watch sport every night on TV undisturbed lol  x Susan x


Janice said...

I am gob smacked! When can I come for a sleep over??? Jx

Mau xx said...

That Little Easter Kit has certainly got some answering to
I think you need to go on a Craft Diet till after Christmas at least :o
What am I saying!! Today I have been and bought a load of specrum Noirs and Velum and Mags and stamps. I really need to practice what I I am unwell though and I needed something to cheer me up Hubby said :)
Hugs Mau xx

TAM said...

I think my obsession started when I bought the first Christmas Edition of Making Cards or something similar - it was a fabulous kit and got me hooked - like you many £££££ later I'd love a craft room but got no hope of this while the children still live at home lol.

MaryH said...

Got a big chuckle from "in the beginning". Kind of how my hobby (addiction?) got started. Just one stamp - while traveling - looking in a store and just had to buy 'something' because we took up the owner's time. Your space is well-arranged. Mine is in a mess. Saw a friend's space the other day. She's not quite as bad as I am, but it made me feel a bit better about my sprawling & untidy mess. One of these days, I'll get brave enough to share some photos of it. (after I clean it up a bit). Tee hee. Hugs & TFS

Jules said...

Hi Susan

What a fabby post . .. just shows how a love of something can take over!! LOL!!!

Love your craft space and all your goodies. It looks a lovely place to be.

I too get room service sometimes .. .. aren't we lucky!!

Love Jules xx

MaryH said...

Hi Susan, I've left a little surprise for you on my blog page.
Mary H.

downrightcrafty said...

love your organisation and the snoop into your draws, (that sounded so wrong) but they look packed to the brim with wonderful goodies
Hugs Kate xx